The Metro 2® Criteria Has Many Moving Parts. The CBSC M2E™ Audit Tool Incorporates Critical Thinking and Intelligent Design, Down to the Minutest Detail. It is Simply the Most Comprehensive Automated Metro 2® File Audit Tool Available on the Market Today.


The new CBSC M2E is an automated audit tool providing the ability to quickly and comprehensively assess your Metro 2® files for compliance with the Metro 2® criteria. The M2E incorporates up to 9 Metro 2® fields into each evaluation, while also taking into consideration your industry type, to provide customized audit results for your specific organization.


Key Features
  • More than 1,200+ evaluations cover every possible Metro 2® field combination.
  • Integrates complex criteria, incorporating 2 to 9 fields to provide the most accurate results and mitigate false positives.
  • Audits data progression from prior to current month for fields containing month-to-month data requirements.
  • Industry Type assignment adds an extra layer of validation, delivering results specific to your products.
  • Easy to use 3 level point-and-Click analytic reports allow drill-down from high-level volumes to individual account data.
  • Industry benchmarking.
  • And more!

The Metro 2® Format and the Consumer Reporting Resource Guide® (CRRG®) are owned by the Consumer Data Industry Association® (CDIA®), Credit Bureau Strategy Consulting, LLC is an independent entity which is not affiliated with CDIA® or the CBSC M2E product.