Credit Bureau Reporting and Disputes Compliance

The CFPB is now closely monitoring the FCRA requirement that all companies who report consumer account information to the credit bureaus have a comprehensive compliance program in place for both disputes and monthly reporting to assure the accuracy and integrity of data furnished to the bureaus.

 Are you ready?

Don't fall into the Credit Bureau Compliance-Gap Trap!  CBSC has been the industry leader in Credit Bureau Reporting and Disputes Compliance since 2007.  We have the expertise you need.

With the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau focus on Credit Bureau Reporting and Disputes Compliance, all data furnishers, regardless of industry, are required to be vigilant about the accuracy and integrity of the consumer information reported to the credit bureaus.  Are you confident in your compliance program or is your company rolling the dice with the integrity of your consumer data?

By developing a comprehensive enterprisewide Credit Bureau Management Compliance Program, CBSC's professionals will help your company fill the Credit Bureau Reporting and Disputes Compliance gaps that the CFPB examiners will be looking for.

As a direct byproduct of inaccurate Credit Bureau Reporting, Disputes are also now taking center stage with new regulatory scrutiny on how your company responds to disputes and the controls that are in place to ensure the same errors won't continue to "repollute" the consumer's bureau month over month.

When it comes to reporting consumer account information, “good enough” isn’t nearly good enough any longer. Increasing consumer awareness, scrutiny and monitoring of credit scores, is shining a light on weak Credit Reporting Compliance practices.  Let CBSC help keep your company out of the limelight.